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       Behind the scenes
Humans of Bardarash: Sayid
Humans of Duhok: Jillian
Humans of Erbil: Adiba
Humans of Erbil: Karina
Humans of Erbil: Lesley
Humans of Erbil: Moujtaba
Humans of Erbil: Muhammad
Humans of Erbil: Nawroz
Humans of Erbil: Salar
Humans of Garmiyan: Alan
Monastic Life: Father Yousif
Museum of Ours
       Museum of Ours collections
              Books and magazines
                     Eikones Magazine, 1958 Apr 06 (Princesses of Iraq)
                     Iraq Today, 1953 (Baghdad)
                     Life Magazine, 1938 Aug 15 (Sumerian archaeology)
                     New Babylon: A Portrait of Iraq, 1956 (London)
                     US Army Guide to Iraq, 1942
                     US Army Guide to Syria, 1943
                     Rare, Begteginid, bronze dirham, Irbil. Gok-Bori, 590-630. Lion rider
              Ephemera and excerpts
                     1940s, American foreign service lettter embassy warning Iraq
                     Babylon tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Baghdad tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Basrah tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Handmade Christmas card from Iraq/Mesopotamia, WWI 1917
                     Holy Shrines of Iraq tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Iraq: A Tourist's Guide, 1972 (Baghdad)
                     Mosul tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Nineveh tourist pamphlet, 1970s
                     Original Tourist Brochure Iraqi State Railways.Late 30's-40's
                     Smaller map of Baghdad City issued by Summer Resorts and Tourism
                     Two different promotional or advertising reference maps of IRAQ. Large
              Iraqi Jewish collection
                     Hebrew and Aramaic in Language of the Jews of Iraq (Jerusalem)
                     Holy Burial Sites in Iraq, 1973 (Jerusalem)
                     Nachalat Avot, 1892 (Baghdad)
                     Operation Babylon (London)
                     Passover Haggadah, 1927 (Baghdad)
                     Tikun Hatzor and Selichot, 1906 (Baghdad)
                     Yechi Reuven (Jerusalem)
              Photo collections
                     OIF Photograph LOT Original 3 X 5 Pictures Baghdad Iraq 2003 1st Armor
                     Vtg 1950s 35mm Slide Yacht Steamer Ship Carrying KING of IRAQ
                     Postcard kuffa, shell gas
              Press photos
                     1941, Iraq the Road to Turkey in the North of Iraq