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Forts of the Kurdish Emirs

Subpages (12)

Banaman / Khanzad Castle • قه‌لای بانه‌مان / خانزاد • قلعة بانمان / خانزاد

Dere Castle • قەڵای دێرێ‌ • قلعة ديري

Duhok Castle • قلعة دهوك

Dween Castle • قەڵای دوین • قلعة دوين

Harir / Khanzad Castle • قه‌لای هه‌ریر

Inge Castle (Amedi) • العمادية :قلعة انجي

Kalebadre castle (approx) (Duhok)

Pasha Castle (Soran) • قەڵای پاشا • قەڵای پاشا

Qubad Pasha castle (Zakho)

Ranya Castle

Sartika Castle • قەڵای سارتكە • قلعة سارتكه

Shekhka castle ruins

These fortresses usually are associated with Kurdish emirs who established local city-states during the time of the Ottoman Empire. They are characterised by defensive architecture, with some being mere fortresses or outposts and others perhaps having had some palatial purposes. They are generally made of rounded river rocks and muddy mortar, in contradistinction to Ottoman projects which were typically made with stone blocks.