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Jwana tribe of Ezidis


Ezidi tribes

Subpages (2)

Hababa clan of Ezidis

Jundia clan of Ezidis

The Jwan tribe has many clans, approximately twenty to thirty total. Jwan is such a large tribe because it is very old. It is the oldest tribe in Shingal.

  • Hababa clan, about 4,000 families.

  • Delka

  • Ali Sorka

  • Mala Khalte

  • Kizaa

  • Meherka

  • Jundia

  • Hassani

  • Amara (before Sharf al-Den in Shingal)

  • Misqora (مسقورا)

  • Judka

  • Nugri

  • Alaja

  • Mala Khene (ملا خني)

  • Bakr