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Margaret George Shelloمارگه‌رێت جۆرج شیلۆ


parents100 Women Street Gallery


Born 1942, Margaret was an Assyrian Peshmerga. She was likely assassinated, an example of how female leaders have been often viewed as existential threats not to patriarchy but to all of society and power. Her brutal murder is an example of how female leaders have been scrubbed from history, but her bravery, ideology, and ability to fascinate and empower new generations survives to this day.

له‌ دایک بووی ١٨٤٢ مارگه‌رێت ئاشووری بوو وه‌ک له‌ یه‌که‌مین پێشمه‌رگه‌ ئافره‌ته‌کان داده‌نرێت پێ دەچێ کوشترابێ، نموویه‌ک که‌ نیشان ده‌دات ئافره‌تان چۆن هه‌رده‌م وه‌کو هەڕەشەیه‌ک بینراون بۆ مانه‌وه‌ی نه‌ک باوکسالاری به‌ڵکو کۆمه‌ڵگه‌و ده‌سته‌ڵاتیش