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Women's GateDargai Haremباب الحريم

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The women's gate is a much smaller entry built on the eastern side solely for women. However, by the late 20th century it was for use by anyone.|1515868963_HPENJUWUP5

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<a href="/imgs/2014/11/hawler-erbil-5549-1000px.JPG"><img src="/imgs/2014/11/hawler-erbil-5549-250px.JPG" alt="Hawler Erbil Garaki Khanaqa" /></a>

View from <a href="/garaki-khanaqa/"><span class="Kurdish">گەرەکی خانەقا Garaki Khanaqa</span><span class="Arabic">خي خانقة Hee Khanaqa</span></a>