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36.191, 43.975 (GPS)

Sami Abdulrahman Parkپاركی سامی عبدالرحمنمتنزه سامي عبدالرحمن

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Statue of Major General Majid Abdul Salam al-Tamimi

Statue of Mastoureh Erdelan • Mestûre Erdelan

Statue of al-Jawahiri

Zaytun Library

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Sami Abdulrahman Park is a massive greenspace over the site of a former military base. In the mid-1990s, the KRG reserved 800,000 m² of this land as a public garden. The park is dedicated to its greatest advocate, the Deputy Prime Minister Sami Abdulrahman who was among many casualties when a suicide blast hit an Eid al-Adha feat at the KDP's Erbil office in 2004.

The park today has many statues devoted to classic and contemporary Kurdistani history, and recreational facilities including a running track and a public pool.|1515514392_HZXMAXQBH6
Tower looming over the park.
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Tower looming over the park.