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Leyla Qasimله‌یلا قاسم


100 Women Street Gallery

Leyla, born 1952, was 23 years old when she was executed by the Baath regime on May 12th, 1974 for her college-age activism with early Kurdish nationalist movements. But before she was hung to death she said, "Kill me! But you must also know after my death thousands of Kurds will wake up from their deep sleep. I am happy that I will die with pride and for an independent Kurdistan."

قوتابیێکی کورد و چالاکوانی ماف ، که‌ له‌ لایه‌ن ڕژێمی به‌عس له‌ سێداره‌درا له ١٢/٥/١٩٧٤ له‌ کۆتا وته‌کانی ئه‌وه‌بوو " بمکوژن به‌ڵام بزانن له‌دوای من به‌ هه‌زاره‌ها کورد له‌ خه‌وه‌ قوڵه‌کانیان هه‌ڵده‌ستن ، دڵم خۆشه‌ که‌ به‌ که‌رامه‌ت ده‌مرم بۆ کوردستانێکی سه‌ربه‌خۆ