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Sazan Hendrixسازان هێندریکس


100 Women Street Gallery

Sazan is a an American social media influencer and entrepreneur, who started as a blogger and grow her influence to 1,000,000 followers across a range of social, personal, and lifestyle topics. Follow her at and read about her Kurdish experience at

کوردێکی ئه‌مریکیه‌، کاریگه‌رێکی تۆڕه‌ کۆمه‌ڵاتییه‌کانه‌ ، نیشته‌جێی لۆس ئه‌نجلیسه‌ ، یه‌ک ملیۆن هه‌واداری هه‌یه‌ له‌ ئینستگرام