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Behar Aliبه‌هار علی


100 Women Street Gallery

Behar wrote the first draft of eliminating domestic violence and sent it to the Kurdistan parliament in 2006. Founder of Emma Organization for Human development. Emma organization fights for gender equality in Kurdistan. Through Emma organization Bahar leads programs for empowering Ezidi women survivors from ISIS. Through Emma organization Bahar advocates for women participation in decision making and peace building.

یه‌که‌مین پێشنووسی بۆ بنبڕکردنی توندوتیژی نێوماڵ نووسیوه‌ و پێشکه‌شی په‌رله‌مانی کوردستانی کردووه‌ له‌ ساڵی ۲۰۰٦، دامه‌زرێنه‌ری ڕێکخراوی (ئێمه‌)یه‌ بۆ په‌ره‌پێدانی مرۆیی، ڕێکخراوی (ئێمه‌) کار بۆ یه‌کسانی ڕه‌گه‌زی له‌ هه‌رێمی کوردستان ده‌کات