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Duhok • دهۆک • Dîhok • دهوك‎‎

Subpages (4)

Akre • ئاکرێ • Akrê • عقرة

Bijeel • بجیل • Bicîl • بجيل

Dinarta • دینارتە • Dinarte • دينارته

Girdasin • گردەسێن • Girdesîn • كردسين

Ottomans created Akre District in 1877 as part of Mosul Governorate. After the 1991 uprising, it was joined to Duhok Governorate.

Akre district is home to a constellation of villages with archaeological, historical, and cultural sites.

Akre District has four subdistricts: Akre, the center; Girdasin, centered at Girdasin; Surchi, centered at Bigeel; and Nahla, centered at Dinarta. The Seven Tribes subdistrict (centered at Bardarash) was formerly a subdistrict in Akre, but is now its own district.