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Lady Adelaخاتوو ئه‌دێلا


100 Women Street Gallery

Known as the “Princess of the Brave” by the Brits, Adela, born in 1847, was one of the most famous female Kurdish leaders and of the Jaff tribe in Sharazor plains, an area which is now split between Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan. She is known as one of the first Kurdish feminists and revered among the British because of her acts of mercy towards British captives during WWI and the Mesopotamian Invasion. Married to the Kurdish King Osman Pasha Jaff of Halabja in modern-day Kurdistan, Adela continued to reign after his death in 1909. Her tribe, the Jaffs, were considered to be the most intellectual and educated tribes of the Kurds. She was referenced in the book ‘To Mesopotamia and Kurdistan in Disguise” by author Major Soane who described her as “a woman, unique in Islam, in the power she possesses, and the efficiency with which she uses the weapons in her hands.”

له‌ دایکبووی ١٨٤٧، ناسراوه‌ به‌ شازاده‌ی ئازاکان له‌ لایه‌ن به‌ریتانییه‌کان یه‌کێک بوو له‌ به‌ناوبانگرترین سه‌رکرده‌ ئافره‌ته‌کانی کوردستان و هۆز جاف له‌ ده‌شتاییه‌کانی شاره‌زوور و ناسراویشه‌ به‌ یه‌کێک له‌ یه‌که‌مین فه‌مینیسته‌ کورده‌کان