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Bekhal Springكانی بێخاڵKanî Bexalنبع بيخال


map36.617, 44.497

This roadside waterfall is a great spot to drink a tea and enjoy the beauty. It is mostly vacant in the winter, but in the heat of summer you will be joined by many fellow tourists.

Before reaching Rawanduz, the road turns up a side valley, the Bekhari defile, and crosses a torrent by the usual ramshackle Kurdish bridges three times in about 200 yards. Just above the last bridge the torrent issues from the gorge wall in a number of springs, forming one large volume of water, falling into the defile from a height of about 70 feet. The torrent is not fordable at the foot of the fall. Mason 1919, p 335; edited for brevity

Mason 1919
Mason, Kenneth. 1919. Central Kurdistan, The Geographical Journal, Vol LIV No 6.