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This Assyrian Christian (Assyrian Church of the East) village is said to have been built 900 years ago. There were nearly 80 families (500 people) living here before the 1961 Kurdish-Iraqi war.

It was agriculturally self-sufficient and popular as a summer resort. Today, it subsists on agriculture and tourism is no longer significant.

We ride over [from Amedi] to the Nestorian village of Bibudi. ... The village is beautifully situated under the mountain range, and overlooking the valley. ... The villagers all gather on the housetops to welcome us; they are exceedingly friendly. It is a wedding day, and they are all dressed in their gay clothing. The church is a very neat stone building with a low door. Prime 1859, p 277-278; 25 November 1856


Prime, 1859Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. 1859. The Bible in the Levant: Life and Letters of the Rev. C. N. Righter, Agent of the American Bible Society in the Levant. Google Books
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